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Public Safety

kcsheriffPolice Protection:

The Kent County Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement within Kent City & the surrounding areas.

Emergencies: (including crimes & suspicious activities)
*Always call 911

 Non-emergencies:  1-800-442-4661

 Beginning 2011 the Kent County Sheriff Department North Substation will only be open for general business purposes on Thursdays and Fridays.

Fire Protection:  

firedept1200x300Fire Chief Mike Rexford- The Tyrone Township/Kent City Fire Department is a volunteer department
which responds to 911 calls reporting fires and medical
emergencies within the area.It is located within the Village limits at:
218 E. Muskegon St., NW (next to Leaver Park), Kent City, MI  49330

Burn Permits:
Required before burning any items on a property.
Available Monday thru Friday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm
Phone #:  616-678-4330

Winter Reminders:

Private snow contractors must clear all snow from the public streets and sidewalks. Residents are prohibited from blowing or shoveling snow into the streets or leave on the sidewalks. As a courtesy the village removes snow from the sidewalks and does the main school route first. However, it is the property owner’s responsibility to keep the sidewalk clear of snow & ice. Please be considerate of the DPW employees when they are removing snow. Mail Boxes Please check your mailbox post to be sure it is stable before the winter season is upon us and that the box is securely on the post. Mailboxes and / or supports that are damaged as a result from snowplowing are not subject to replacement by the Village.

Upcoming Events:

Board Meetings:

Council: February 9th- 7:00 p.m.

BZA: February 21st - 7:00pm

Council: February 23rd - Year End

Planning Commission: March 2nd - 7:00pm

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