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The Village of Kent City is located in the northwestern corner of Kent County, Michigan.  Named in 1876 after the famous New York Jurist, James Kent.  Kent City has a population of 1,057 and is known for being a bedroom community.

General Information:

DDA Façade Ehancement Program 2016 – new program for façade assistance to existing businesses in DDA area of Kent City.

Community Events:  The Holidays are fast approaching and many events will be going on to celebrate them.  Just a reminder that you can check out our “Events” page under the “Community” menu on our website to find information about things going on in the area.

2016voteVoting/Elections:  The Village’s elections will be held with the November 8th Primary elections.  All voting registrations and elections are handled through the Tyrone Township office.  The Tyrone Township office can be reached @ 616-678-4779.

FOIA:  Request forms for Freedom of Information can be obtained at the Village Office or online: FOIA Form


Teleorgmunications Relay Service (TRS)

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted use of the 711 dialing code for access to Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS).  TRS permits persons with a hearing or speech disability to use the telephone system via a test telephone (TTY) or other device to call persons with or without such disabilities.  For more information about the various types of TRS, see the FCC’s consumer website at:  https://www.fcc.gov/about/overview.

Video Franchise Operations – Effective 12/31/15



President Clerk Treasurer
John Petruska Mary Portell Paula Snoap
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Merry Barron Erik Bitely Steve Buckner Greg Goss Jill Krikke Rood Vaughan







“This Village of Kent City is an equal opportunity provider and employer”

Fall Reminders:

With the summer weather slowly heading into fall - clean up of trees, leaves, branches and yard waste will start. Please see our Public Works page under "Departments" on the website's drop down menu. There you will find information on DPW Services and the Yard Waste Policy.


Credit/Debit Card Payments Accepted: The Village accepts Sewer and Village Tax payments via telephone and web services through third party- Point and Pay. Residents can pay these bills using Debit or Credit Card by going to: https://client.pointandpay.net/web/VillageofKentCityMI - or call: 855-461-9816. Service Fee are: Credit Cards-3%, minimum $2.00 As always cash and check payments are accepted.

Upcoming Events:

Board Meetings:

Planning Commission: November 3, 2106 @ 7:00pm

Council: November 10, 2016 @ 7:00pm

BZA: November 15, 2016 @ 7:00pm

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