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Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

What is the Downtown Development Authority (DDA)?

The Act (1975) was developed to encourage historic preservation, halt property value deterioration, to increase property tax valuation in the business district, to eliminate causes of deterioration and to promote economic growth. The DDA may acquire and dispose of personal and real property.

The DDA is financed from the capture of new revenues from incremental increases in property assessments occurring within the district. The DDA may levy and collect taxes, and issue bonds.  DDA members are appointed by the Village President, subject to the approval of the Village Council.

The Village Council must approve the DDA improvement plan, its annual budget and financing plan. Kent City DDA, The Kent City Downtown Development Authority and District was created on February 12, 1989.

The DDA has helped finance or totally fund the following improvements: – New sidewalk construction – Sidewalk replacement – Infrastructure – Park improvements – Tyrone Township Fire Dept. well.


Façade Enhancement Program 2016 – The purpose of the Façade Enhancement Program is to provide assistance to owners of properties classified as C1 & C2 located within the boundaries of the Kent City Downtown Development Authority for the purpose of renovation and upgrade to the façade on existing buildings.  For full program information and application click on link:  Façade Enhancement Program 2016


DDA Member Title Term Expires
Andrew Bostwick Chair Previous Business Owner 2020
Dean Anderson Vice Chairperson Property Owner 2020
Sharon Olson Secretary Business Owner 2019
Nick Lewis Treasurer  Business Rep. 2021
Kathy Ignasiak Previous Business Owner 2018
Vacant 2018
Liz Knapp Township Library 2021
Vacant 2019
John Petruska Village President by position


Sping/Summer Reminders:

Yard waste is the number one question we get calls about. The Village provides the service of picking up brush and grass clippings. The Yard Waste Policy is available on the website or by contacting the Village Office for a copy. This service does not include trees that you have taken down or major trimming. The Village has a secured area where you can dump tree debris. Contact the DPW Manager @ 616-293-0693 to make arrangements. Other issues: Before planting trees, bushes, and sprinkler heads make sure they are on your property and not in the Village right-of-way.

Upcoming Events:

Board Meetings:

BZA: May16th - 7:00pm

Planning Commission: June 1st - 7:00pm

Council: June 8 - 7:00pm

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