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Village Treasurer

Duties of the Village Treasurer:

The Treasurer has custody and receives all Village revenues/bonds and keeps an account of all receipts and expenditures.  The Treasurer is responsible for the investment of Village funds in approved investment vehicles and makes periodic reports to the Clerk and Village Council as required by law.  Additional duties include the billing and collection of Village taxes and sewer accounts.

Tax Bills:Tax bills are issued once a year on July 1.  All past due taxes are turned over to the Kent County Treasurer for collection.  An owner of eligible Principal residential property may file a completed summer property tax deferment form with the village or township treasurer by September 15.  Taxes may be deferred until February 15 without additional penalty interest if the household income from the previous year was less than $40,000.00 and a person qualifies under one of the following classifications:

  •  Is totally and permanently disabled, blind, paraplegic, quadriplegic

  • An eligible serviceperson, eligible veteran

  • An eligible widow or widower.

  • Is at least 62 years old.

Click here for Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes

For questions about taxes or sewer bills please contact:

Credit/Debit Card Payments Accepted:
The Village accepts Sewer and Village Tax payments via telephone and web services through third party- Point and Pay.  Residents can pay these bills using Debit or Credit Card by going to:
– or call:   855-461-9816.
Service Fee are:  Credit Cards-3%, minimum $2.00
As always cash and check payments are accepted.



Deb Forth
Village Treasurer

Email: vkc.treasurer@kentcitymi.org
Ph:   (616) 678-7232
Fax:  (616) 678-4256

Sping/Summer Reminders:

Yard waste is the number one question we get calls about. The Village provides the service of picking up brush and grass clippings. The Yard Waste Policy is available on the website or by contacting the Village Office for a copy. This service does not include trees that you have taken down or major trimming. The Village has a secured area where you can dump tree debris. Contact the DPW Manager @ 616-293-0693 to make arrangements. Other issues: Before planting trees, bushes, and sprinkler heads make sure they are on your property and not in the Village right-of-way.

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Board Meetings:

BZA: May16th - 7:00pm

Planning Commission: June 1st - 7:00pm

Council: June 8 - 7:00pm

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