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Zoning Administration


Local control of the use of land (with some exceptions, such as state and federal land uses) is an accepted legal principle.  Land use is controlled through the separation of land into various use areas, called zoning districts. The rules governing these districts are contained in a zoning ordinance which includes provisions controlling the type and intensity of development allowed.
The original ordinance was adopted on April 13, 1987.   The current Zoning Ordinance was passed on September 28, 1998.
The Zoning Ordinance is located in the Official Documents page of this website.  Zoning Applications/Permits are located on the Village Forms & Permits page of this site.

For more information regarding Zoning please contact:

Village Zoning Administrator


Dennis Kaminski

Email:  vkc.zoning@kentcitymi.org
Ph:   (616) 678-7232    Cell:  (616) 262-7580
Fax:  (616) 678-4256

Sping/Summer Reminders:

Yard waste is the number one question we get calls about. The Village provides the service of picking up brush and grass clippings. The Yard Waste Policy is available on the website or by contacting the Village Office for a copy. This service does not include trees that you have taken down or major trimming. The Village has a secured area where you can dump tree debris. Contact the DPW Manager @ 616-293-0693 to make arrangements. Other issues: Before planting trees, bushes, and sprinkler heads make sure they are on your property and not in the Village right-of-way.

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BZA: May16th - 7:00pm

Planning Commission: June 1st - 7:00pm

Council: June 8 - 7:00pm

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